Comprehensive Energy Audits

Need for Energy Audit

  • The three top operating expenses are energy (both electrical and thermal), labor and materials.
  • Energy Audit will help to understand about the ways energy and fuel are used in any industry, and help in identifying the areas where waste can occur and where scope for improvement exists.
  • Energy Audit would give a positive orientation to the energy cost reduction, preventive maintenance and quality control programmers which are vital for production and utility activities.


Additional Services

  1. Implementation of energy saving measures in our report to demonstrate actual energy savings are min. 80 % of that projected in our report.
  2. Water Audits to conserve water by judicious usage.
  3. Consultancy for ISO -50001 to establish & implement & sustain.
  4. Monitoring & verification of energy savings.
  5. Utilities mapping to improve energy usage & energy efficiency.
  6. Training in Energy management System.


Our Goal : Optimization of present energy cost of our Client by min.7 to 10 %.